Haveli Overseas Education (HoE) is the division of Sansys Technologies Limited. Our focus is to provide overseas education consultancy services and develop centre of excellence in immigration. 
HOE – a prestigious name with its precise meaning as, "to offer correct direction to students for them to attain a bright future.” This captures the initiative and aims of Haveli Overseas Education.
HOE provides useful guidance to students aiming to enrol in their preferred foreign school or university to ensure they receive a degree in accordance to their field. HOE was established in 2019, although our management have been providing consultancy in overseas education since 2006 to enthusiastic and well-spirited Indian students. Our consultancy assures that we provide the best guidance to each student, helping to achieve their individual goals and visions. 
Company Profile: A Team of Professionals
  • Direcors
  • Senior Counselors
  • Visa Manager
  • Asst.Counselor
  • Business Development Manager
  • Counselling Manager
  • Marketing Managers
Who We Are
We are the Alumni of UK universities with more than 24+ years of Educational consultancy experience and worked with top Universities in UK, USA and Europe. Our expertise spans in Sales, Presales, End-to-End onboarding of students to the reputed top universities and Build Centre of Excellence teams in educational & immigration consultancy from Ground Zero.